2021 Webinar Series Kick Off

After the positive feedback we received in 2020, we are excited to announce the return of our webinar series, with the first webinar of 2021 being hosted on Wednesday January 20th at 12:30PM.  We found that webinars not only provided a great way to deliver information to our patients and perspective patients, but with the Q&A portion, they are quite interactive.  Each webinar will cover a different topic and will always end with a Q&A where you can ask questions with the panelists.  While we will be posting the webinars on our website afterwards, it is best to attend the actual webinar as attendees do receive specials and discounts.

It is important to register for each webinar that you would like to attend as we do limit the number of spots in these webinars to ensure that attendees can ask questions and we can get through all of the questions in a reasonable time.  Also, if there are certain topics that you would like covered please let us know.  Our goal is to provide information that our patients find useful.

Below is some information on the upcoming currently scheduled webinars.  Please let us know if there are any specific topics that you would like covered.

Wednesday January 20thTresse Rx and Medi Tresse Hair Care Line

The past 6 months saw the introduction of the Tresse Rx Healthy Hair Program and Medi Tresse Hair Care product line.  Tresse Rx includes both a topical growth factor serum and mico-needle applicator, as well as a complete hair loss supplement program.  The Medi Tresse Hair Care product line includes shampoos, conditioners, and deep treatments for healthier hair.   During this webinar the panelists will go over each product in depth and to help you understand how the products work and who they may benefit.

Wednesday January 27thWhat is the right supplement for me?

Hair loss supplements have become common place, however, with the many options available, many patients feel overwhelmed about where to start.  During this webinar the panelists will look into the role hair loss supplements play in a treatment plan and review different supplement options.

Wednesday February 3rdCommon Questions about Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy has become one of the most popular treatments for female hair loss, and clinical studies have proven how effective it can be. However, as there is no standard protocol, which means how it is performed can vary greatly from one practice to another. During this webinar we answer some of the common questions that we receive around Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy.

Wednesday February 10thMinoxidil - What is it and how it is used as a treatment for female hair loss?

Minoxidil is the only topical FDA approved treatment for hair loss, however, how it has been used in the treatment of female hair loss has changed over time.  While many patients have tried a minoxidil product in the past, like Rogain®, the products that contain minoxidil have changed overtime and for the better.  During this webinar we will look at how minoxidil as a treatment for female hair loss has changed over time and how we recommend using it today.

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The Medi Tresse Online Store is Live

The Medi Tresse Online Store has officially launched to offer Medi Tresse patients a convenient way to reorder their favorite products and treatments.  The online store not only makes ordering easy, but you will get automatic updates and shipment tracking information on your order.  The online store will carry the following products:

You can visit the online store by clicking the link below:

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**The Medi Tresse Online Store is independently owned and operated by Medi Tresse Management, LLC.**

Medi Tresse Hair Care Products

When it comes to shampoos and conditioners, there are certainly many options available, and many will even make claims of regrowing hair.  The truth is that shampoo and conditioners will not regrow hair as the ingredients are not on the scalp long enough to be absorbed, but good quality shampoo and conditioners combined with proper leave in products can really repair damaged hair and provide really healthy hair and scalp.  With that, we are excited to announce the arrival of our Medi Tresse Hair Care line, which consists of two sets of shampoo and conditioners, a leave in conditioner, and a hydrating serum that are all paraben free and safe for color and chemically treated hair.

Revive Shampoo and Conditioner

This stimulating, aromatic cleansing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner, includes Peppermint and Lavender Oils that revitalize both hair and scalp, while creating a calming, spa-like experience. The rich lather of the shampoo removes excess oils and product build-up and strengthens hair while improving body and shine. Vital vitamins and botanical extracts in the conditioner protect sensitive skin and scalp, while proteins strengthen the hair shaft. The shampoo and conditioner are safe for colored, straightened, and chemically treated hair.

The Revive Shampoo and Conditioner are great for all patients, except those with fine hair or who feel some shampoo or conditioners weigh their hair down too much.  For those patients we would recommend the Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner.

Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

A rich shampoo that infuses weightless volume while delicately freeing hair and scalp of surface impurities. ProVitamin B5 strengthens the hair while adding shine and thickness. Combined with a volumizing conditioner, infused with Keratin, that leaves hair nourished while maximizing volume and body. Safe for colored and chemically treated hair.

The Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner are great for patients with fine hair or those looking for more volume.

Keratin Deep Conditioner

We recommend using a deep conditioner once a week and this Keratin-infused deep conditioning treatment, super-charged with proteins and extracts, restores moisture, strengthens, reduces breakage and stops frizz. Great for all hair types. Safe for colored, straightened & chemically-treated hair.

Hydrating Serum

Many of the things we do to style our hair can dry out and damage the outer cuticle of the hair so it is so important to add moisture back into the hair.  This hydrating serum enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil, is fast-absorbing, deep-penetrating and produces a luxurious shine and silky smooth texture with enduring results. Safe for colored, straightened & chemically-treated hair.

Reach out to our offices to learn more about the Medi Tresse Hair Care line.

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Medical Scalp Micropigmentation & Microblading Webinar with Live Treatment

We are excited to continue our 2020 Webinar Series on Friday November 13th at 12PM with a presentation on medical scalp micropigmentation and microblading, which will include a live treatment during the webinar.

Medical micropigmentation and microblading are semi-permanent procedures where pigment is placed into the dermal layer of the skin to provide the illusion of hair.  Highly skilled Medical Micropigmentologists, like our very own Nellie Qureshi, are able to provide a look that is both natural and undetectable to the naked eye.  Medical micropigmentation and microblading do not treat the hair loss or improve hair health, but they camouflage the area and give the appearance of natural hair.  Micropigmentation is a great option for someone looking for immediate camouflage, but it can also be a great complement to medical treatments like Optimal Platelet Concentration (OPC) Therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy.  Microblading is a great alternative for patients looking for thicker eyebrows, but would prefer not to go the surgical transplant route.

Medical Scalp Micropigmentation & Microblading Gallery

Spots are limited, so don't forget to register by clicking the link below.

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Tresse Rx Has Arrived

We are excited to announce the arrival of our newest product line Tresse Rx.  Through our partnership with the team at LockRx we are thrilled to offer our patients the Tresse Rx Healthy Hair Program, which is drug free and addresses the leading causes of hair thinning and hair loss:

Maintaining healthy hair and scalp requires addressing concerns from within as well as topically. The Tresse Rx Healthy Hair Plan was created to promote the best, most efficacious environment to maintain follicle cycle and growth.

The Inside Plan consists of a three-part ingestible program that starts as a 6-week program and was formulated to address total body inflammation through gut health and the nutritional factors that may play a role in hair growth and shedding. Specially curated marine and botanical ingredients are the basis, with amino acid and vitamins to support this complete approach to healthy hair, skin, and nails. A minimum of four cycles is recommended to initiate visible results.

The Topical Healthy Hair Plan utilizes the application of growth factors that not only treat the cells around the follicle, but balance the scalp micro-biodome, while enhancing the environment for healthy hair growth.

To learn more about the Tresse Rx healthy hair plan click here or contact our office or schedule a consultation with one of our medical practitioners.

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Medi Tresse COVID Protocols and Continuation of Patient Care

It has been a couple of months since we have touched on our COVID-19 Protocols at Medi Tresse and with the arrival of fall I thought this would be a good time to review them and make sure patients understand how they could be impacted.  Our number one priority is always the safety of our staff and patients and all of our decisions will continue to be based on this priority.

First off, let me just say thank you to all of our patients who continue to place their trust in us during this difficult time.  We really appreciate how flexible and understanding everyone has been during the past 6 months.  I can’t tell you how many patients have told us that their appointment with us was the first time they went somewhere other than the grocery store.  Please know that we do not take that trust for granted.  Everyday each of our staff members are screened not only for symptoms, but they must also attest that they have not travelled to any high-risk states and that they have not been in contact with anyone that has had COVID-19 symptoms.  Any staff member that is unable to answer no to all of our screening questions is not able to come into our office without providing proof of a negative test to themselves or the person they came in contact with.

As the cooler months arrive and bring cold and flu season with them, we anticipate an increase in people having symptoms similar to COVID-19, which means as small offices there is the potential for staffing issues at times.  While we hope to not have to use these contingency plans, over the past month we have been adding additional staff to prepare for this as best as possible.  Our goal is to ensure that we can safely provide continuation of care for all of our patients, and with our extra staff and tele-health options we are confident we will be able to do this, but we will continue to ask for flexibility from our patients as needed.

I would also like to share some of the updated protocols that we now have in place. Again, our number one priority is the health and safety of our staff and patients. We are closely following, and in many instances exceeding, the protocols recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health departments.

Updated Office Protocols

New Check-In/Check-Out Process

COVID-19 Symptom Screening

If you have any questions or concerns about our protocols please call our office and I would be happy to speak with you.

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Dr. Wendel Interviewed by NBC10 About COVID-19 and Hair Loss

Dr. Wendel was recently interviewed by NBC10 regarding the impact of COVID-19 and stress on hair.  Check out the video below!

Medi Tresse Partners with CareCredit

We are pleased to announce that we have recently partnered with CareCredit in order to offer additional payment flexibility for our patients.  For over 30 years CareCredit has been offering financing options for treatments not covered by insurance.  Through CareCredit, we are able to offer financing terms up to 60 months.

With special financing options*, you can use your CareCredit card again and again at other healthcare providers, including dentists, optometrists, veterinarians, ophthalmologists and hearing specialists. It's free and easy to apply and you'll receive a decision immediately. If you're approved, you can schedule your procedures even before you receive your card.

Medi Tresse also partners with Advance Care, which is currently offering up to 21 months interest free financing for approved applicants.

If you are interested in learning more about the financing options that we offer please reach out to our office.

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. Ask us for details.

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Updated Office Protocols For Re-opening

We are certainly looking forward to seeing all of you in our office as it becomes safe to do so.  While the pause we took from in-office appointments was important, we know for many of you it was difficult to put off treatments or in-person evaluations.  We thank all of you for your flexibility and understanding these past couple of months as we rescheduled appointments (sometimes many times!) and shifted to video appointments and webinars.  We know it was not was not always easy, but we appreciated your continued trust in our practice.  As we continue to move closer to opening our offices and seeing all appointment types in person, we thought we would share some of our updated safety protocols.  As our offices open, it is important to note, that in-person consultations and follow-up appointments will be the last addition in our gradual re-opening process.  Lastly, the timeline for each office will be different, so please make sure to contact the office for specifics for that location.

Updated Office Protocols


New Check-In Process


COVID-19 Symptom Screening


Our number one priority is the health and safety of our staff and patients. We are closely following, and in many instances exceeding, the protocols recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health departments.  Our thoughts are with all of those that have been affected by this pandemic.  We look forward to being able to safely see you in our office soon.

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Introducing LOCKrx

We are excited to now offer our patients the LOCKrx product line.  We are constantly evaluating and reviewing the latest developments on the treatment of female hair loss and based on some of the latest research we felt like we had some holes in our treatment offerings.  Specifically, when it came to gut health and at home micro-needling.

We have always believed that supplements and vitamins need to play a role in any hair loss treatment plan, however, the supplements we offered did not have a strong enough focus on gut health.  Over the last couple of years, research has shown how important gut health is to hair health.  One of the main product offerings that LOCKrx has is their Defense gut health powder.  Improved gut health allows for proper absorption of the nutrients needed for healthier hair.

Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in the popularity of at-home micro-needling devices due to the promising research on the effectiveness of micro-needling as a treatment for hair loss.  As we searched for an option for our patients, we had two requirements of an at-home system.  First, the device had to be a stamper.  Too many at-home devices are rollers, which can catch the hair and cut it.  Secondly, it needed to come with a growth factor topical to micro-needle into the scalp.  The second part is really important, because the promising research on micro-needling was conducted on a specific needle depth of 1.5mm, which you really cannot find at home.  The purpose of at-home micro-needling is to mimic what is done in the office, but since you cannot get to the depth needed to activate the growth factors, you need a topical solution to introduce these key ingredients to the scalp and follicle for healing and rejuvenation.  The LOCKrx Growth Factor 3x Serum and micro-needle stamper met all of these requirements and should be a great at home option for many of our patients.

The last piece of the LOCKrx offering is their Guard and Block hair loss supplement.  LOCKrx split their supplement into two main focuses, the Guard, which focuses on the conditions necessary to support healthy hair and decrease shedding, and the Block, which focuses on supporting healthy hair and blocking the conversion of testosterone to DHT, which is involved with the shrinking process of hair follicles.  By splitting the supplements into two different pills, it allows for maximum flexibility, in not only in cost to the patient, but in how we develop our treatment plans.

As our offices are closed due to the current situation with Coronavirus, we have worked out a special program with LOCKrx for Medi Tresse patients.  Our patients will be receiving a special 10% discount. If you are interested in learning more about these great treatment options reach out to our office.

Below is more information on the each of the products and how the key ingredients can be beneficial in the treatment of hair loss.

Defense Gut Health Powder from LOCKrx

Block Hair Loss Supplement from LOCKrx

Guard Healthy Hair Supplement from LOCKrx

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