hair loss in womenWhile over 95% of hair loss in men is caused by male pattern hair loss (genetics), hair loss in women is often more complex. While genetics is still the largest cause of hair loss in women, many women experience hair loss due to diets, hormones, or even styling.

Here are some of the most common causes of hair loss in women and how you can get your lovely locks to come back home.

Iron Deficiency

If you’ve been experiencing dizziness, lethargy, brittle nails, and shortness of breath on top of your hair loss, you may be iron deficient. Iron deficiency is caused by a lack of iron in your diet, which results in a lower level of blood cells, and therefore lower levels off oxygen. When your body is not at its optimum blood and oxygen levels it does not repair cells, like hair follicles the way it typically would.

Fortunately, iron deficiency is easily treatable with the gradual re-introduction of iron into your diet. It will take several months for your iron levels to go back to normal, but the good news is that your hair will regrow once they do.

Hair Manipulation

Hair loss in women can often occur as a result of extensive hair manipulation. This includes bleaching, dying, braids or cornrows that are too tight, perms, and relaxers. The overuse of chemicals can cause damage to your hair or cause stress to your scalp, which may result in hair loss.

Fortunately, much in the same way that a break from makeup will often rejuvenate your skin, taking a break from manipulating your hair should allow it to grow back. However, you must understand that years of over-manipulation can lead to permanent loss if not stopped and treated.

Genetic Predisposition

In some cases, hair loss in women can be the cause of androgenetic alopecia, or female pattern hair loss. As many as 30 million American women are affected by this hereditary condition and the loss of hair can occur at any age although the most common age is between 50 and 60 years old.

Fortunately, there’s a treatment even for women with a genetic predisposition for hair loss. PRP therapy, or platelet rich plasma therapy, is a new treatment for women’s hair loss, specifically for those experiencing female pattern hair loss.

The treatment uses your body’s stem cells by isolating and activating the platelet rich area of your blood to stimulate hair growth. Hair growth is stimulated by dormant hair follicles that have been re-activated by the PRP therapy at a cellular level, resulting in the new growth of thick and healthy hair.

Hair loss can be extremely difficult to deal with, especially for women, but with these treatments to common hair loss causes it doesn’t have to be. Consult your doctor to understand the cause of your hair loss. And to learn more about stimulating hair growth, request a consultation with Medi Tresse.