At Medi Tresse we focus on medical treatments that are non-surgical, clinically proven, and rejuvenate your own hair (i.e. no extensions, which can damage your hair further).  However, there are some options out there for patients looking for different ways to camouflage their hair loss.  One of the less expensive options, is Infinity® Hair Fibers, which electrostatically stick to your hairs to cover up thinning.  However, there are some more permanent solutions as well, such as medical micropigmentation.

Medical micropigmentation is a type of semi-permanent cosmetic procedure where a colored pigment is matched to your hair color and applied to a certain area of the skin to camouflage the thinning.  There is a lot of technique with medical micropigmentation and the best specialists make it look so natural that you would not know the person had anything done to the area, even when up close.   The most popular type of medical micropigmentation is micro-blading, which is completed in the eyebrows.  Again, in the past permanent makeup could look very fake, but with new types of pigments and techniques it looks very natural.  With micro-blading, the pigment usually lasts 12 months, so you would need a touch up every year.

While not as common as micro-blading, medical scalp micropigmentation has become popular as well.  As hair gets thinner and more scalp is visible, utilizing medical scalp micropigmentation, you can camouflage those areas in a very natural looking way.  Again, it is important to see an experienced specialist that uses the proper technique and best pigments to match your natural color.  Medical scalp micropigmentation is semi-permanent and can last anywhere from 12 months to almost 10 years depending pigment and technique used.

If you have questions about medical micropigmentation do not hesitate to reach out to your Medi Tresse team.

Posted by Your Medi Tresse Team