If you or a loved one is suffering from female hair loss, there are treatment solutions that have proven successful.  Medi Tresse offers a variety of options — in fact, we offer everything but surgery – including some of the newest, most advanced medical treatments available to patients right now.  Each non-surgical solution, ranging from supplements to topical solutions to Platelet Rich Plasma and laser therapies, depends on the level of severity and health condition of the patient.

Let’s start by explaining Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy in this post and we’ll explore additional treatments in subsequent posts.

PRP sounds a lot scarier than it actually is but happens to be an effective way to encourage hair growth. It’s been used for years in other medical practices like plastic surgery, orthopedics and dentistry. Done in-clinic, a Medi Tresse physician or registered nurse draws a sample of the patient’s blood and uses a simple centrifuge to spin the blood, separating the platelets from other blood components such as red and white blood cells so only the platelets (PRP) remains. Since blood platelets are highly effective in helping to release powerful growth factors, the centrifuge process increases the concentration of platelets up to 1,000%. The PRP is applied to the scalp with a micro needle.

Multiple sessions, typically 2-3, are recommended. PRP has the ability to stimulate inactive and dormant follicles into an active growth phase. The procedure lasts less than 60 minutes and has a very quick recovery period, which means that many patients can easily resume their normal schedule the next day.

See before and after photos to see the good results that PRP has shown in our patients. Or call your female hair loss specialist today to learn more about PRP therapy.

Posted by Mary Wendel, M.D.