hair rejuvenation for womenLosing your hair can be a devastating event for women, but thanks to new medical technologies, female hair loss doesn’t have to be permanent. With a variety of hair rejuvenation processes available to you, odds are you’ll find an effective treatment. Laser therapy is just one of those methods, but one that’s relatively unknown.

If you’re looking into the best types of hair loss treatments, here’s a bit more information on why low-level laser therapy is so effective in hair rejuvenation for women.

What is low-level laser therapy?
Low-level laser therapy is fairly self-explanatory. The process, also referred to as red light therapy and photobiomodulation, involves exposing the scalp to very low levels of concentrated light. Low-level laser therapy stimulates the hair follicle cells to grow in the scalp and increases cellular activity around the follicle. This also decreases inflammation so existing hairs can grow thicker and stronger.

Are there any side effects?
Fortunately, the side effects here are basically non-existent. The light is at such a low level that patients will barely even feel the treatment being done. This has been a popular hair rejuvenation treatment in Europe for over 30 years, and hardly any side effects have been discovered in that time.

Who are the ideal candidates for this procedure?
Low-level laser therapy is an excellent procedure that tackles hair rejuvenation for women. Considering that some 21 million U.S. women are currently experiencing some form of female pattern hair loss, it’s also in high demand among this demographic. Regardless of demand, hair loss specialists frequently recommend this treatment to patients experiencing any level of hair loss or thinning.

How is the laser therapy administered?
Any form of low-level laser therapy must be prescribed by a trained hair loss specialist. Hair loss specialists typically recommend three treatments per week. At Medi Tresse we offer multiple at home devices, which allow you to complete the treatment in the comfort of your house on your own schedule.

Whether you’re experiencing hair loss or you’re concerned about the first signs of thinning hair, don’t rule low-level laser therapy out! It could just be the female hair rejuvenation solution you’ve been searching for. Call us at 800-840-HAIR for a free consultation. At Medi Tresse, we offer only non-surgical treatments that are clinically proven to treat female hair loss.