In the first two of our new series, “Heads Up! Women’s hair rejuvenation solutions for thinning hair,” we shared info about two non-surgical treatment options: Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Low Level Laser Therapy. For Part 3, I am going to dive a bit more into a third treatment option, topical products, which we offer at Medi Tresse and may prescribe to patients, depending on their level of hair thinning and other treatments they may be undergoing at the same time. Topical treatments range from shampoos to follicle builders to minoxidil formulations, all of which can be used daily to prevent further thinning and often help hair to regrow.

First, allow me to introduce myself! I’m Rosie Scano, a registered nurse who works closely with Dr. Mary Wendel at Medi Tresse. One of the brands we are fond of is Tricomin™. Its shampoo, conditioner and therapy spray are easy to use and can help restore structure and vitality to thinning hair. Tricomin products contain a blend of essential amino acids and minerals, as well as copper peptides, which stimulate hair growth by shortening the resting phase of the hair follicle and causing a greater number of follicles to be active. This technology is one of the most unique and successful methods of treating hair loss.

Infinity™ Hair Building Fibers follicle builder is a useful hair product for those who want to add instant volume to the amount of hair currently on their head. When you sprinkle Infinity on your hair, the long-lasting fibers instantly cling to your hair like millions of tiny magnets, making each strand of hair look thicker. Infinity Hair Fibers are offered in 10 different shades to match natural hair colors.

There is an array of minoxidil solutions on the market right now, and our top pick is Formula 82M™, a prescription minoxidil-based topical solution specially formatted to be less greasy and decrease inflammation better than over-the-counter minoxidil products. It’s a hair regrowth stimulator that, when applied to the scalp on a regular basis, causes resting follicles to produce hair and weak follicles to produce longer, thicker, and more pigmented hair over time (consistent use is key!). This solution consistently receives rave reviews from our patients looking to achieve substantial results.

If you want to learn more about these hair regrowth products or find out which topical product is the best one for your thinning hair, call us to make an appointment for a consultation.

Rosie Scano, R.N