Today we are continuing our “Ask Dr. Wendel” series, with a question we often get during consultations, “how will you track my hair growth after treatments?”  Tracking hair regrowth is one of the most important aspects of any treatment for hair loss. Regardless of treatment plan, we recommend all patients to come in for both a 6 month and 12 month follow-up appointment so that we can continually monitor and reassess your hair. We utilize two methods that allow us to track your hair regrowth over time.

The first method we use is the comparison of before and after photos of the treated area. Before your treatment we will take photos of different areas on your scalp to serve as a baseline for future photos. We also take additional photos throughout your treatments, and again at your follow-up appointments. This allows us to monitor your growth response over time and ultimately measure treatment success.

The second and most important method we use is called trichoscopy. Trichoscopy utilizes a specialized camera called a trichoscope that allows us to capture a highly magnified image of your hair follicles and scalp.


Trichoscope Photo at 60x Magnification

The trichoscope is used in conjunction with scientifically developed software that allows us to count and measure each hair within the image frame. This technology allows us to determine your hair density, as well as the degree of hair miniaturization that has occurred. During your complementary consultation we take an initial photo with the trichoscope, which not only allows us to track your growth response to the treatment plan we designed, but along with the software helps us diagnose and better understand your hair loss. During your follow-up appointments we take additional images with the trichoscope, and we then analyze all of the images and measure the increased density and growth of your hair.

If you are interested in learning more about your hair loss and having a complementary trichoscope evaluation request a consultation today. We provide hair regrowth treatment for women throughout Boston, Wellesley, and the surrounding areas.

Posted by Mary Wendel, M.D.