Did you know that treatments for hair loss date as far back as to Ancient Egypt?  It was a popular practice for Egyptians to use a concoction of herbs and other not-so-pleasant ingredients as a potent salve, which was applied to the head with hopes of regrowing hair. Flashing forward a bit in history, folks during the 17th Century were also eager to find a solution.  These guys became known for using elaborate wigs and hair pieces not only for fashion, but to conceal hair loss. Thank goodness with modern medicine now on our side we have come a long way from herbal tinctures and uncomfortable hair pieces to treat hair loss and promote hair regrowth!

lasercap-kit-150x150Through the ages, society has been studying hair loss and how to treat it. With advances in science and technology, we have learned quite a bit about the life of a hair follicle, as well as what it takes for it to live long and prosper. These new insights have led to the development of more effective ways to get to the core of what causes hair thinning and loss.

In our more recent past, women would spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on pricey hair products and extensions to mask our thinning hair. It wasn’t until recently when we discovered treatments that actually promote growth and encourage long-term effects. We are fortunate to now have treatments such as Low Level Laser and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapies, both of which have been scientifically proven to successfully treat and prevent hair thinning and loss.  If only the Ancient Egyptians could see us now!

Posted by Lacey Sellati, RN, PA-C