One question we often get from our patients is whether or not Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy would be the right treatment for them. Although the majority of our patients are good candidates for PRP, some patients may not be familiar with the therapy. By providing patients with more information about the therapy it helps them understand how they may benefit from the treatments.

Although PRP Therapy is a relatively new treatment for women’s hair loss, it has shown to be very effective in treating hair loss in women, with up to 85% of patients seeing a benefit after a series of three treatments. PRP Therapy can improve hair health, thicken hair, and regrow hair. What makes PRP Therapy unique is that it utilizes the patient’s own growth factors to promote healing and rejuvenation of the scalp and follicle. PRP Therapy is non-surgical and each treatment takes less than 60 minutes to complete, making it a great treatment option for patients.

If you are wondering if PRP Therapy is right for you, it might be helpful to hear that one of the positives of PRP Therapy is that there are minimal side effects, and anybody could safely get the treatment. However, based on medical studies, while PRP Therapy is a great option for most patients, it is not right for everyone. At Medi Tresse it is our goal to provide a treatment plan that is right for you and we can determine if you are a good candidate at the time of your consultation. PRP Therapy has been proven to be effective for patients with Female Pattern Hair Loss, Alopecia Areata, and Traction Alopecia. In general, if you think you may be suffering from one of these types of female hair loss then PRP Therapy may be right for you!

Posted By The Medi Tresse Team