You may have heard in the news lately that recent studies have shown the promise of JAK Inhibitors in treating hair loss.  We have received many questions from patients about these studies, and whether these drugs could potentially work for them.  JAK Inhibitors are a type of medication that inhibit one or more of the Janus kinase family of enzymes.  There are two FDA approved JAK Inhibitors on the market today, one for the treatment of blood diseases and one for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Most of the studies using JAK Inhibitors to treat hair loss have focused on the treatment of Alopecia Areata; however, recently there have been some studies that looked at its effectiveness for treating Androgenic Alopecia (Female Pattern Hair Loss).  While the studies overall have been promising, it is important to understand that the medical community is still in the very early stages of studying these drugs for treatment of hair loss.  The vast majority of these studies have been completed on mice, and only a few have actually been completed on humans.  As with any medication, we also need to weigh the benefits with the potential side effects.  One of the main issues with the JAK Inhibitor drugs currently on the market is that when taken orally there can be significant side effects.  Some of these studies are looking at topical options, which would make the drug much safer.

The biggest take away that we should have from these recent studies is that there is the potential for some really promising hair loss treatments in the future.  However, there needs to be much more research done before we can consider JAK Inhibitors clinically safe as a treatment for loss. Curious about hair loss treatments? Get in touch with a specialist here at Medi Tresse. We provide hair loss treatment options to women throughout Boston and Wellesley.

Posted by Dr. Mary Wendel, MD