I would like to warmly welcome you to Medi Tresse, a new medical practice in Wellesley, Massachusetts, that I started in the spring of 2015 to help women of any age, experiencing hair loss of any kind, to find effective non-surgical solutions to restore their appearance and help reclaim their confidence. Why for women only? As the leader of the clinical practice at DiStefano Hair Restoration Center of Worcester, MA, for over ten years, I evaluated and created treatment plans for all patients, including men. Then, more and more women began calling, desperate for a solution after years of being ignored or patronized by other medical professionals, and terribly disappointed in everything they had tried to either slow their hair loss or restore their hair.

I met with hundreds of female patients over the years and saw first-hand the enormous medical, physical and emotional effects of their hair loss, which are often significantly different from those of men. In a society that — unfairly and unrealistically — values and judges women against standards of youth and beauty, the emotional toll on woman’s confidence and self-esteem can be simply devastating.

And then it happened to me. My own thinning hair created an even deeper understanding and empathy of the hair loss and restoration issues unique to women, and my interest and passion for discovering and offering effective treatments to slow or stop hair loss, or regrow hair, continued to deepen. I decided to create a practice just for women, run by women; a place where any woman, no matter what her situation, could find true caring and real answers.

Now, as the Medical Director of Medi Tresse, I lead a team of highly trained, experienced female professionals who work closely with you to create a treatment program tailored to you and you alone, in a safe, discreet, and caring environment. We are the only center in New England dedicated exclusively to female patients, specializing in non-surgical, proven, medical hair loss solutions. We also take a holistic approach to whole-person health and wellness through preventative strategies including diet, exercise, stress reduction, and spiritual well-being. If you are experiencing, or concerned about hair loss, we welcome you for a friendly conversation about how we can help. Request a consultation today!

Posted by Mary Wendel, M.D.