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At Medi Tresse, we provide compassionate care and personalized hair loss treatment plans for women of all ages and hair types.


Success rate for women who seek hair loss treatment with us.

Preventative Hair Loss Treatments

Care for the hair you have and grow the hair you'll love.

Most types of hair loss are progressive, which means they will continue to get worse without treatment.
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Hair Loss Rejuvenation Treatments

Currently, 80% of women will experience hair loss in their lifetime.

A personalized hair rejuvenation treatment plan will help you repair and revive unhealthy hair follicles to promote regrowth and overall healthier, fuller hair. 
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Hair Loss Surgical Treatments

Our female hair transplant patients make up 3-4% of our patients.

As the medical treatment of women's hair loss has gotten better over the years, our percentage of surgical patients has dropped significantly but for women looking to add density to specific areas of the scalp, surgical treatments may be the best option.
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How You'll Grow With Us


Consultation & Diagnosis

The reasons for female hair loss are extremely complex. That’s why we schedule an hour for our consultations. A thorough evaluation by a medical expert is necessary to properly diagnose the cause of your hair loss.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Our protocols and treatment options are standardized, but our treatment plans are completely unique and specially designed to suit the needs of your individual causes. We often combine treatment options to reach the most optimal results.

Follow Up And Track Results

Follow up’s and continued treatment is key to getting the results you want. It is extremely important to continue to nurture and stimulate the hair you have and the hair you are working towards rejuvenating.
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Medi Tresse Is Here to Help Women With Their Hair Loss

“As a woman, losing your hair is emotional and difficult. As a physician, when I began losing my hair I was stunned by how few options there were for treating specifically women’s hair loss. Not only were treatments limited, but most medical practitioners I spoke to had a limited understanding of female hair loss. I realized there had to be a better way.” – Dr. Wendel

Learn why Medi Tresse is hair loss treatment center women turn to when they need advice and treatment.

Take Control Of Your Hair Loss

Speak with a Medi Tresse medical expert in person or virtually and get your personalized hair loss treatment plan.

Hair Loss Risk Factor Quiz

Start Over

Book a virtual or in-person consultation and talk with one of our medical experts about your results. Find out what this all means for your hair and possible treatment options.

This is an educational tool only and should not be considered a medical diagnosis. A diagnosis can only be determined by a licensed practitioner after a thorough evaluation.

The Blog

The More You Learn - The More You Grow

What Hair Loss Does Jada Pinkett Smith Have?

Jada Pinkett Smith has been openly sharing her hair loss experience and we are very grateful. Our mission is to normalize female hair loss. Over 50% of women will experience hair loss and most of them will experience it differently. Let's take a closer look at Jada's experience.

Trichoscopy, what is it and why is it Important?

Trichoscopy, is a method of evaluating the scalp and hair follicles at a higher magnification, often 30x to 60x magnification but why is taking a closer look so important?

Chrissy Teigen Gets an Eyebrow Transplant. Is This Procedure Right For You?

Model Chrissy Teigen recently made headlines when she shared her experience receiving an eyebrow transplant.   You may be thinking to yourself, what is an eyebrow transplant? And Should I get one?

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The Medi Tresse team is composed of experts in female hair loss. We are committed to offering innovative, non-surgical treatments for hair rejuvenation in women. Whether you are simply looking to increase your hair’s thickness or want to stop more extensive hair loss, Medi Tresse has a wide array of solutions ranging from platelet-rich plasma therapy to low-level laser therapy.

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