Painless PRP Therapy

Combining the most advanced treatment for female hair loss with technology developed by rocket scientists.

An entirely new way to receive the same great results. 
Introducing a completely painless technique that allows our practitioners to deliver optimally contracted platelet-rich plasma solution into your skin without the need for needles to inject.

To achieve this our medical device is based on jet propulsion technology and uses fine misty jet streams of high-velocity liquid traveling at subsonic speeds to deliver treatment. 

Applied to the scalp, these powerful jet streams create microchannels to facilitate deep subdermal delivery, with no needles, no incisions, no skin breakage, and no pain. It is 100% non-invasive and comfortable.

* Currently, Painless PRP Therapy is only available at our Wellesley location. 

Needle-Free PRP FAQ

Are there really no needles, what does Painless Optimal Platelet Concentration™ Therapy feel like?

Blood draw aside, no needles are needed to perform the treatment. When the Optimal Platelet Concentration solution is delivered using the patented handpiece, it is not necessary to numb the scalp, and experience is described as cold air blowing on the scalp. One of the best parts of the treatment is before we administer the Optimal Platelet Concentration solution, we will exfoliate and cleanse the scalp with proprietary detox water. This is not only a soothing and relaxing part of the treatment, but a healthy scalp is a key to healthy hair.

How is Optimal Platelet Concentration™ Therapy different from Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy?

Research has shown that there is an optimal concentration of platelets that should be delivered in the final PRP concentration. However, with standard PRP it would be impossible to know if this concentration is met as you would need to know the patient’s platelet count. With Optimal Platelet Concentration™ Therapy, we actually take a baseline platelet count of the patient’s blood, which allows us to customize the final platelet rich plasma solution to better reach this optimal concentration.

Is there research that shows delivery through a high pressurized hand piece can effectively deliver a liquid solution to the dermis?

While a painless delivery system for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy sounds too good to be true, numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of not only high pressurized air delivery systems in general, but the specific one that we are using. While this technology is rather new for the treatment of hair loss, it has been used for many years for aesthetic treatments and in hospital settings.

How many treatments are necessary?

For the initial course of treatment, we recommend one treatment a month for three treatments. At the 6-month mark, we would recommend a booster treatment every 6 to 12 months to maintain results.

Is there research showing that Optimal Platelet Concentration™ Therapy is effective?

Optimal Platelet Concentration™ Therapy is a form of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy and there is a significant amount of clinical research showing the effectiveness of PRP Therapy in the treatment of female hair loss. What makes Optimal Platelet Concentration™ Therapy different is that we are aiming to deliver between 1.4 and 1.6 billion platelets per ml of final solution, which research has shown to be the most optimal concentration for hair restoration.

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