Optimal Platelet Concentration™ Therapy

Our Advanced Restoration Treatment That Provides A Personalized Solution For Female Hair Loss

Optimal Platelet Concentration™ Therapy is an advanced treatment for female hair loss, one that is exclusively offered by Medi Tresse. This procedure gives us the ability to personalize treatment by providing an optimal number of platelets into the scalp to support blood vessels and hair restoration. Like PRP Therapy, this procedure relies on platelet-rich plasma to fight hair loss.

What makes this treatment approach different from PRP Therapy is our use of advanced technology to make platelet counts and identify ideal platelet concentrations at our office on the day of your treatment. With that information, we can modify your final platelet solution to provide an ideal concentration for your hair restoration. Medi Tresse is one of the first female hair loss clinics to provide customized platelet concentrations. Successful treatment puts a stop to hair loss, reactivates dormant follicles, and thickens existing hairs.

Both PRP Therapy and Optimal Platelet Concentration™ Therapy rely on platelet-rich plasma to encourage the restoration of blood vessels and hair follicles. The platelets in our blood play a natural role in restoring and repairing physical damages. Through the use of plasma with higher concentrations of platelets, we can stimulate repair and recovery to address Androgenic Alopecia (Female Pattern Hair Loss) and Traction Alopecia. We have also successfully addressed Scarring Alopecia and Alopecia Areata with Optimal Platelet Concentration™ Therapy. Restoring both the follicles and blood vessels is an important part of your treatment. By making sure blood vessels that support follicles are repaired, we can help sustain your positive results and give you lasting confidence after treatment!

In-office platelet counts are only being taken at our Boston and Worcester offices. Ask about your options in Westchester and Chattanooga

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    Patient Profile

    Age: 36

    Symptoms: Thinning in Temples

    Causes: Androgenic Alopecia

    Treatment: Optimal Platelet Concentration Therapy, Low Level Laser Therapy, Minoxidil
    Individual Results May Vary
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    Patient Profile

    Age: 39

    Symptoms: Widening Part & Thinning on Top of Scalp

    Causes: Androgenic Alopecia

    Treatment: Optimal Platelet Concentration Therapy & Low Level Laser Therapy
    Individual Results May Vary
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    Patient Profile

    Age: 55

    Symptoms: Gradual thinning for many years

    Causes: Androgenic Alopecia

    Treatment: Optimal Platelet Concentration Therapy & Low Level Laser Therapy
    Individual Results May Vary


What Makes Optimal Platelet Concentration™ Therapy Different From PRP Therapy?

Both PRP Therapy and Optimal Platelet Concentration™ Therapy rely on platelet rich plasma to encourage the restoration of hair follicles and supportive blood vessels. What makes Optimal Platelet Concentration™ Therapy different is that our clinic has technology to determine your baseline platelet count at the time of your treatment, which lets us tailor your solution to provide the optimal platelet count for your procedure!

How Many Treatments Will I Need To Schedule?

For your initial treatment, we will schedule three treatments, each taking place one month apart. At the 12-month mark, we can begin follow-up booster treatments every 6-12 months to maintain your hair restoration.

Why Is It Important To Take A Platelet Count On The Day Of Treatment?

Your platelet counts naturally fluctuate, which means your optimal platelet concentration will change over time. Using an earlier baseline count gives less accurate information, and prevents us from providing the ideal concentration for your procedure.

What Is The Optimal Platelet Concentration?

For a treatment meant to trigger angiogenesis (the development of new blood vessels), research has shown that the optimal platelet concentration is between 1.4 and 1.6 billion platelets per ML of blood. For successful treatment, we need to make sure your hair follicles and supporting blood vessels are repaired, as those blood vessels provide key nutrients to promote hair health.

How Do You Guarantee That Patients Receive The Optimal Platelet Concentration?

We possess technology that lets us take platelet counts from the whole blood and the spun down platelet solution. With this information, we can determine your baseline platelet concentration, which we use to ensure that your Optimal Platelet Concentration™ Therapy uses plasma with the optimal platelet range!

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Clinical Research & Studies

The More You Learn - The More You Grow

Platelet-Rich Plasma as a Treatment for Androgenetic Alopecia

This study helped to identify that that 1.5 billion platelets per ml is the optimal platelet concentration in PRP.

The Effect of Platelet-Rich Plasma in Hair Regrowth: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial

This study demonstrated that the optimal platelet concentration for PRP was 1.5 billion platelets per ml, whereas excessively high concentrations of platelets were suggested to decrease the angiogenic potential

Platelet gel-released supernatant modulates the angiogenic capability of human endothelial cells

Describes the importance of getting to 1.5 billion platelet per ml to reach angiogenesis, which provided optimal results.

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