Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant

Individual Follicles Are Moved From The Donor Area To Restore Hair Loss

Like Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) restores hair loss by moving follicles from a donor area to another location where hair loss is a concern. However, the method for removing follicles is different in an FUE, as we are able to take individual follicles from the donor area! During FUE, follicles are retrieved with a small circular punch. Your follicles will be carefully extracted before all grafts are harvested and then implanted at the recipient site. The circular punch tool is roughly the diameter of a pencil point. Its small size reduces scarring risks – in most cases, no visible scarring takes place.
FUE has become the most popular treatment for hair transplantation. When compared to FUT, FUE offers several benefits, including:
  • Minimized scarring (FUT scars are naturally covered by your hair)
  • A more comfortable treatment
  • The ability to seek follicles from areas other than your scalp
  • For patients with low hair density, FUE can be approved when FUT may not be recommended. 
At our clinics, all FUE treatments are performed by surgeons or other medically licensed practitioners.

Before your procedure, you and your doctor will review what you discussed at your consultation, and we will confirm that FUE is still the procedure you want to pursue for your hair treatment. At this initial review, we will show you a template of the hairline and treatment area, which you can approve before undergoing care. We will take baseline photos of the areas that will be affected by your FUE, then we will move to the treatment room.

Hair in your donor area will be trimmed to roughly 1mm. Local anesthesia is applied before any follicles are harvested. Before placing your extracted follicles, the hairline is drawn, and treatment will proceed only after you have given your approval. Your surgeon will carefully prepare the recipient area before your technician places the hairs.

Hair Graft Estimator

All hair transplants require patients to have enough hair available in the donor area to use as grafts. To estimate how many graphs you may need in your transplant, click on the photo below that most correlates with your hair loss.
Women's Graft Estimator
This is an educational tool to get an idea on the number of grafts required for a hair transplant. The actual number of grafts can only be provided by Dr. DiStefano during your consultation.

Women's FUE Transplant FAQ

What Are the Advantages To FUE Over FUT?

What Are the Advantages To FUE Over FUT?
FUE is has become the preferred choice for many patients for the following reasons:
- Less painful
- Causes minimal scarring
- Can utilize hair from other parts of the body, not just the scalp
- Is an option for patients with low hair density.

Do Patients Stay Awake During FUE Surgery?

The patients are awake during the procedure. Only local anesthesia is used. The patient may opt for a valium to relax and rest during the procedure.

What Happens During FUE Procedure?

First, your doctor will sit with you in the consultation room and go over the details that were discussed in your consultation to ensure you are getting exactly what you want for your hair restoration procedure, including drawing a template that you will approve for the area and the hairline. Baseline photos will then be taken and you will be brought into the procedure room and the session will start. The hair in the donor area will be trimmed to about 1 millimeter. The doctor will apply the local anesthesia and then he will use a motorized punch to remove the grafts.

Next, the hairline is drawn and approved by the patient. The area is numbed by the surgeon. Small slits/holes are made in the recipient area by the surgeon at the proper angle, depth, and direction. The technicians will then insert the grafts with specialized forceps. When they are done, the donor and recipient areas are checked by the surgeon, instructions are read and the patient is then sent home.

Is the FUE procedure painful?

After you are numbed up, there is no pain.

Is there pain after the procedure?

There may be slight pain the evening of which can be relieved with Tylenol or aspirin, but the next day there is usually no pain.

Do I have to get any medications on the way home?

Any medications you require will be provided at the office.

Are there other costs involved?

No, the price given includes everything for the procedure, including shampoos, medications and follow up visits.

Are there other things I can do to help stop the loss and add more density after surgery?

Yes, you can use our special shampoos, which one bottle will be given to you after surgery. Also, there is Propecia (men only medication), laser caps, PRP and exosomes all of which will be discussed with you either in your consultation or after your surgery.

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