Clinically Proven Treatments for Female Hair Loss

The following are hair rejuvenation treatments that are clinically proven to work provided by our team at our Wellesley, MA location just 15 miles from downtown Boston, Massachusetts. 

Hair Loss Treatment Case Studies in Wellesley, MA

October 28, 2022
Does Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy work Better for Women or Men?

As we have discussed before, one of the issues with PRP Therapy is that there is no standard protocol and practitioners and offices can all perform it very differently, which can greatly affect the results. The 25 studies that were reviewed by the authors of this article also had different protocols and participant demographics, which allowed them to evaluate many potential factors. 

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September 27, 2022
How Does a Luxury Scalp Treatment Help Prevent Hair Loss?

If you think about your skin care routine, we wash and moisturize our face daily. But that care usually stops when we get to the hair line. Far too often, the scalp and scalp health has been forgotten when it comes to preventing hair loss.

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September 25, 2022
Luxury Scalp Treatments for Scalp Health in Wellesley, MA

When eczema occurs, the skin can become inflamed and damaged, making it difficult for hair follicles to grow through the skin. Additionally, eczema can cause itching, which can damage the hair causing breakage at root or further inflaming the scalp. It is important to have a healthy scalp first before being able to treat any female hair loss diagnosis.

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Meet Our Team

Mary Wendel, M.D., Medical Director

Dr. Mary Wendel led the clinical practice for female patients at DiStefano Hair Restoration Center of Worcester, MA, for over ten years. She began the practice to treat the many women calling the center—at the time focused largely on men—in desperate need of help with their own hair loss issues, which are often different from those of men. Meeting with and treating hundreds of women over the years, she has witnessed first-hand not only the physical, but the emotional toll of hair loss, and the impact on her patients’ confidence and self-esteem. She became intensely interested and passionate about discovering and offering effective treatments to slow or stop hair loss and even regrow hair. Eventually, her own thinning hair created an even deeper understanding and empathy of the hair loss and restoration issues unique to women. The number of female patients at the Center grew from a handful to hundreds and, in June 2015, Dr. Wendel opened the first Medi Tresse medical clinic in Wellesley, MA, offering non-surgical hair loss solutions exclusively for women.

Dr. Wendel, who is board certified in internal medicine, received her MD from the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 1980 and completed her internship and residency at St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester studying internal medicine. Dr. Wendel worked as an emergency room staff physician, urgent care physician, and primary care physician at Fallon Clinic in Worcester and as an internist and primary care physician at UMass Memorial Healthcare. Dr. Wendel helped manage the clinical practice of DiStefano Hair Restoration, while also evaluating and creating treatment plans for female and male patients. Dr. Wendel’s additional clinical interest areas are in preventative health, including diet, exercise, and spiritual well-being.

Sarah Maresco, NP, Female Hair Loss Specialist

Sarah Maresco, NP, is a certified nurse practitioner with over 10 years of medical experience as both a registered nurse and nurse practitioner. Sarah graduated from Simmons College with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and completed the Adult Gerontologic Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. Sarah has extensive experience in treating hair loss through Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy and over 5 years of aesthetic experience and knowledge about cosmetic injectables.

Take Control Of Your Hair Loss

Speak with a Medi Tresse medical expert in person or virtually and get your personalized hair loss treatment plan.

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At Medi Tresse we are proud to be able to offer our patients flexible options for purchasing our treatments and services. Each of our locations has partnered with various financing companies that make it easy to apply and finance your treatments.

Welcome to Medi Tresse

The Medi Tresse team is composed of experts in female hair loss. We are committed to offering innovative, non-surgical treatments for hair rejuvenation in women. Whether you are simply looking to increase your hair’s thickness or want to stop more extensive hair loss, Medi Tresse has a wide array of solutions ranging from platelet-rich plasma therapy to low-level laser therapy.

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