1. Is a Video Appointment Worth It?

    Over the past few weeks we have had to change our approach to patient interactions as we try to meet the needs of our patients while also promoting social distancing.  With our offices currently closed for in-office appointments, we have begun offering online video appointments for consultation and follow-up appointments.  So far we have a had a lot of patients take advantage of online video app…Read More

  2. Our NP Diana Talks About Her Current Struggle with Shedding

    I have been treating women experiencing hair loss for the last 3 1/2 years at Medi Tresse and during that time I have seen quite a few patients at the office and received a number of phone calls and emails from patients panicking over excessive shedding.  Clumps of hair in the shower, hair all over the bathroom floor, kitchen floor, in the laundry, all over their clothes etc. Some of these patien…Read More

  3. All Medi Tresse Offices Temporarily Closed

    Based on prioritizing the health and safety of our patients, staff, and communities, all Medi Tresse locations will be temporarily closing.  Our Scarsdale, NY office closed on Saturday March 21st and our two Massachusetts offices (Wellesley and Worcester) will be closing today (3/24/20) at noon.  We will be cancelling all existing in-office appointments through April 7th, 2020. For those affecte…Read More

  4. Stress And Your Hair

    Wow.  What a difference a month makes.  In the beginning of March, I was peacefully looking forward to the changes we see every Spring, with the longer days, higher temperatures, and the return of color in the flowers and trees.  All those changes will still happen, but I fear we are not going to be able to appreciate them as we have in the past, with all the worry and stress of Coronovirus.  …Read More

  5. Ketoconazole Shampoo

    We receive a lot of questions from patients about shampoos and there is one in particular that comes up often, ketoconazole shampoo.  It is important to understand that most shampoos are not going to significantly regrow hair, regardless of what they advertise.  Many of these products will have ingredients that are known to help with hair loss, like DHT blockers or proteins, but it is not known …Read More

  6. Update on Treating Scarring Alopecia

    Over the years we have noticed an increase in the number of patients with Scarring Alopecia.  While part of the reason for this is that the medical community is becoming better at identifying, we also do believe that the incidence of scarring alopecia is increasing.  There is some evidence that certain harsh hair care practices may contribute to some forms of Scarring Alopecia, such as the use o…Read More

  7. Recent Study May Prove that Stress Does Cause Your Hair to Turn Gray

    Anecdotally we have believed that stress can cause our hair to turn gray.  If you have ever seen pictures of a president’s first day in office versus their last, they certainly leave with a head full of gray hairs.  For ourselves, at the first sign of gray hairs we often blame our children, spouse, or work for these stress induced gray hairs.  Well it turns out we may have been right, as rese…Read More

  8. Hair Loss in the News – Ricki Lake and Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley Share Their Story

    When we opened Medi Tresse almost five years ago, our goal was not just to offer great treatments to women experiencing hair loss, more than that, we wanted to help bring the conversation about female hair loss out in the open. Because our society has not been willing to have this conversation out in the open, many women experiencing hair loss never seek treatment, which causes them to feel like t…Read More

  9. Alphaeon Eyelash Serum is Back!

    Patients that have been with our practice for a few years may be familiar with Alpheaon Eyelash Serum, which was discontinued in 2018 due to some restructuring withing the Alpheaon organization.  The Alphaeon Eyelash Serum was a big hit with our patient’s and staff, and we were all very sad to see it go.  Well we have some great news; the product is back under a new brand name AlphaLash™ and…Read More

  10. 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

    With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching, many of us are using these last few days to come up with a few resolutions for 2020 that we hope to follow through on.  If you are thinking of making the health of your hair a part of your 2020 resolutions, we got you covered.  We revisit a past blog post with some New Year’s resolution for your hair health that should hopefully not be too hard to kee…Read More