1. Pregnant or Postpartum? What Are Your Hair Loss Treatment Options?

    With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to address some of the common questions that we receive from new or expecting mothers regarding their hair loss.  Having a baby is certainly stressful on its own, but experiencing hair loss during that time just adds to the anxiety.  While we get a lot of questions from women after the birth of their child, we also get a lot of questions from…Read More

  2. Webinar: How Hormones Affect Your Hair

    Our webinar series is kicking back up next week Tuesday May 4th at 12:00PM and the topic is "How Hormones Affect Your Hair". Hormones can have a significant impact on the health of our hair, both naturally and from medications and treatments now being offered. Women will often experience changes in their hair during pregnancy and menopause, when hormones are fluctuating naturally. However, many of…Read More

  3. Researchers May Have Identified Why Stress Can Induce Hair Loss

    Over the course of this past year, a number of times, we have touched on the importance of de-stressing, as we always knew that stress could cause hair loss.  As April is Stress Awareness month, we are excited that there may be some good news when it comes to hair loss from stress.  In a study released on March 31st, researchers from Harvard believe they have identified why hair loss occurs due …Read More

  4. The “Skinification” of Hair Care – Good or Bad?

    I recently read an article about the “skinification” of hair care.  Essentially, the article was explaining how the concept of a multistep care routine that people have been utilizing for skin care is starting to catch hold with hair care.  At one time, the focus of hair care was a good shampoo and conditioner, but over the last few years, there has been an explosion in different types of ha…Read More

  5. What Does Female Hair Loss Look Like?

    If we were to poll 10 random people and ask them what male hair loss looks like, they would probably all give similar answers about starting as receding in temples, with thinning in the crown, and eventually balding on top with a ring of hair around the head.  If we then asked those same 10 people what female hair loss looks like, I am pretty confident we would get 10 different answers.  This is…Read More

  6. Gender Inequalities in the Treatment of Hair Loss

    Before Women’s History Month comes to a close, I wanted to touch on a subject that hits really close to home, both professionally and personally; the gender inequalities in healthcare and how these have impacted the treatment of hair loss in women.  As a primary care physician for thirty years, I saw firsthand how these inequalities impacted my patients, especially as women are more likely to f…Read More

  7. Our Diets and Our Hair

    If you attended our webinar last week, “How Our Nutrition Impacts Our Hair”, you know how strongly I believe that a healthy diet can play an important role in the health of our hair.  In this blog, I want to look at not just the vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy hair, but the overall types of diets. The hair follicle is an extremely complex structure and made up of some of the most me…Read More

  8. How Blood Tests Can Play a Role in Diagnosing the Cause of Your Hair Loss

    The ultimate goal of our medical consultation is to determine the cause of your hair loss.  Starting treatment without knowing the cause is really not helpful, and often is costly both in time and money. There are many types of hair loss that women can experience, and each of these types can have several different causes.  During the physical exam of your scalp and hair, we will closely examine …Read More

  9. Ingredient Highlight – Ashwagandha Root

    If you watched our webinar “What is the Right Supplement for Me?” on January 27th, it can be found on our website here for those who missed it, you would have heard us talk about a number of important ingredients that you should look for in a hair loss supplement.  One ingredient that we discussed that many patients may not be as familiar with is Ashwagandha Root.  When thinking of important…Read More

  10. Overcoming Our Own Perceptions of Female Hair Loss

    When Medi Tresse opened 2015, our mission was two-fold.  First, we wanted to help all women experiencing hair loss feel empowered by their options and reclaim their confidence. Secondly, as the leading medical professionals in our industry, we wanted to normalize women's hair loss through education while creating a caring and supportive community for women.  That second part is the hardest, but …Read More