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Painless PRP vs. TED Alma Therapy: What's the Difference?

Take a look at the differences and similarities between Painless PRP and TED Alma Therapy to help you make the most informed decision.

When it comes to female hair loss, there are many treatment options available. The best one for you will depend on your unique circumstances, condition, and preferences. Two treatments you may have heard of in your research are Painless PRP and TED Alma Therapy. Today we will take a look at the differences and similarities between these two treatments.

Here at Medi Tresse, we do not offer TED Alma Therapy, only Painless PRP. That’s because we have done our research. We believe Painless PRP delivers optimal results with no discomfort, and is a trusted option in the industry. Keep reading for some more helpful information on Painless PRP vs. TED Alma Therapy.

Painless PRP and TED Alma Therapy: Defined

First, let’s define what each treatment is and what it entails to familiarize you with both.

TED Alma Therapy:

Alma TED’s Impact  Delivery™ technology offers a non-invasive, non-traumatic option to address hair loss concerns. Quick treatment sessions, no discomfort, and noticeable results in one treatment are all listed as benefits on the Alma TED website. TED is short for TransEpidermal Delivery. This ultrasound-based system uses sound waves and air pressure combined with a topical Hair Care Formula that penetrates into the scalp with growth factors more deeply. The low-frequency “ultrasonic” acoustic sound waves and air pressure are designed to increase penetration and blood flow while stimulating hair follicles to produce thicker and stronger hair. TED Alma is very new, and has only been around since 2022. 

Painless PRP:

When many compare TED Alma to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), they highlight that TED Alma is painless. But what makes Painless PRP so great is that it provides all the trusted benefits of PRP without any pain. PRP therapy has been around much longer than TED Alma. It has been shown to increase the growth phase of the hair, providing thicker and healthier hair. Painless PRP is the latest advancement in PRP therapy and this completely painless technique allows our practitioners to deliver platelet-rich plasma solution into the skin with no need for injections by needles.

We use a medical device, based on jet propulsion technology, that uses fine jet streams of high-velocity to infuse the PRP into the scalp. When applied, these powerful streams microchannel the area to ensure deep sub-dermal delivery. This involves no incisions, no needles, no skin breakage, and no pain. 

This painless procedure requires no downtime for recovery, and because PRP treatments use the patient's own blood, there are limited chances of side effects. Painless PRP provides all the benefits of regular PRP, but without the need for injections.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, or PRP Therapy, has been used for more than 20 years to encourage healing and regeneration. We use therapeutic injections of platelet-rich plasma to address female hair loss, strengthening hairs that are already present. Essentially, we use the natural physical recovery process to reactivate dormant follicles and heal them at a cellular level. Read more about the jet propulsion process here

Why Painless PRP is best

TED Alma Therapy is marketed as a new painless hair loss treatment. It uses sound waves and air pressure to deliver a proprietary topical serum into the scalp. This serum is marketed to contain growth factors, peptides, and nutrients. Proponents of TED therapy believe it is better than PRP because it is painless. However, this serum is from a laboratory, unlike PRP which uses the patients’ own growth factors.

TED therapy is still a new treatment, while PRP therapy has been successfully used to treat hair loss for more than 10 years, backed by the latest advancements in the field. For those looking for a painless treatment for hair loss, painless PRP is the best option.

PRP has garnered a lot of positive attention in recent years as a promising solution for female hair loss, specifically when it comes to treating androgenic alopecia. With recent case studies showing Painless PRP assisting with hair growth, we also invite you to check out one of our many webinars.

ITED therapy is still a very new treatment. PRP therapy has been successfully used to treat hair loss for more than 10 years. If you are looking for a painless treatment for hair loss, painless PRP is the best option.

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