Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy A Treatment Option for Alopecia Areata

Although Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) was originally studied with the intent to treat Androgenic Alopecia, or Female and Male Pattern Hair loss, the research just keeps getting better and better!  There have been several very exciting studies showing that PRP is also useful to treat other kinds of Alopecia conditions, one of which is Alopecia […]

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LaserCap® Company Receives FDA Clearance for LCPRO™ as a Women’s Hair Loss Treatment Device

At Medi Tresse, we take a lot of pride in being able to offer different types of female hair loss treatments to women throughout Boston and Wellesley. That's why we strive to give our patients as many options as possible. One of the best hair loss treatments available, and one we highly recommend, is Low […]

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Recent News Stories About Hair Care Products Causing Hair Loss

You may have heard one of the many stories in the news recently about claims being made that certain hair care products are causing hair loss. Many of these products are sold to consumers with the promise to achieve thicker, stronger and more beautiful hair. From these news stories it can be very difficult to […]

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Q&A with the Director of Clinical Services - Lacey Sellati, RN, PA-C

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your training? Of course! So I am a Registered Nurse and a board-certified Physician Assistant. I graduated from Simmons School of Nursing and obtained my Masters in Physician Assistant Studies from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Prior to joining Medi Tresse, I was the […]

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Is Styling Your Hair Causing Hair Loss?

From washing to blow-drying to coloring, we devote a lot of our waking hours towards primping and preening our hair. Ever wonder how much time you spend styling your hair throughout the course of a year? According to a survey by beauty product retailer, a woman spends an average of 10 days per year […]

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JAK Inhibitors and Treating Hair Loss

You may have heard in the news lately that recent studies have shown the promise of JAK Inhibitors in treating hair loss.  We have received many questions from patients about these studies, and whether these drugs could potentially work for them.  JAK Inhibitors are a type of medication that inhibit one or more of the […]

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The Dreaded Shed: When is Shedding More Than Shedding?

Hair shedding is a very common phenomenon. We have all at some point had that helpful friend or loved one ever-so-gently pluck a rogue hair from the back of our shirts or shoulders. Although we would rather keep all the head hairs we have, the shed is usually normal and it was just the hair’s […]

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Seasons Change, So Does Your Hair!

Other then Fall fashion trends inspiring us to change our hair color to Golden Chestnut Brown, or perhaps add some Auburn highlights, are there actual physiological changes that influence our hair as well? With a lovely new Season upon us, a lot of our patients have been wondering if and how the Seasons can affect […]

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Platelet Rich Plasma in the Spotlight!

While we have known the benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy for quite some time, stories about the great benefits of PRP have been popping up all over the media lately, letting people know about this amazing treatment for hair loss! Check out this latest report highlighting PRP on Good Morning America. PRP has […]

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To Extend or Not To Extend…

Because we specifically treat women experiencing hair thinning or loss, we often get asked the question; “what are your thoughts on hair extensions??” Having professionally seen the potentially damaging effects of hair extensions, we can’t help but consider the poor little hair and worry about its follicular wellbeing. Although we’re not about to go on […]

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