Hair Loss Prevention Tips: What You Can Do to Help

Because there are multiple causes of female hair loss, there are multiple ways to make hair loss prevention a part of your routine so that you can slow the progression of hair loss and keep your hair - and scalp - healthy. 

Female pattern hair loss, also known as androgenic alopecia, is complex to understand and treat. In many ways, female hair loss differs from male hair loss, as there are a multitude of causes. Not only that, there is an emotional impact to female hair loss because of the stigma attached to it by society. Because there are multiple causes of female hair loss, there are multiple ways to make hair loss prevention a part of your routine so that you can slow the progression of hair loss and keep your hair - and scalp - healthy. 

Here are some ways to help with hair loss prevention:

Nutrition is important for hair loss prevention.

Eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet can help with hair growth and hair loss prevention. Hair needs protein to be able to grow strong, and hair loss can occur due to a protein deficiency. A person’s protein intake depends on their physical activity as well as their body structure/muscle mass. Iron levels in a person can also affect hair and scalp health. If you suspect that you may have an iron deficiency, you can always get blood work done through your doctor to check. 

Having a well-balanced mix of vegetables and fruits can help with hair loss prevention. Additionally, there are a variety of hair loss supplements that can further strengthen hair follicles and scalp health. 

Medi Tresse offers at-home products that can be delivered right to your doorstep for ultimate comfort and convenience. Our Medi Tresse supplements and hair care products are jam-packed with powerful antioxidants and ingredients to help promote stronger, healthier hair. 

Hair loss prevention tips - what you can to do help

The Healthy Body Bundle

An important aspect of retaining healthy hair is with your gut, and the Healthy Body Bundle is specially curated with marine and botanical ingredients as the foundation, with amino acids and vitamins to support this global approach. Providing nutrients that your body needs helps to regrow strong, healthier hair.

The Medi Tresse Healthy Body Bundle addresses body inflammation starting in the gut while supporting nutritional factors that may play a role in hair growth and shedding in a three-step oral program:

  • Revitalizer: Specially formulated to support the healthy metabolism of hair, skin, and nails. Multiple B vitamins and biotin have been shown to be some of the most important factors in maintaining hair vitality and supporting structure and color. Because the form of each ingredient is essential for the cells’ ability to utilize it, we have chosen the most active (or reduced) form with proven clinical efficiencies.
  • Fortifier: A follicle enrichment supplement formulated with the proprietary blend of botanicals, adaptogens, marine collagen, and saw palmetto, known to support hair growth and help to block the conversion of testosterone to DHT, which is involved with the shrinking process of hair follicles.
  • Prebiotic: Addresses total body inflammation, soothes the gut, and aids in the absorption of key vitamins and nutrients necessary for healthy hair. The Prebiotic comes in melon or chocolate mint flavors as well. 

Sunlight Exposure & Vitamin D

As we know, a healthy dose of sunlight can do wonders for our bodies - hair growth included. Vitamin D deficiency is already very common, and, affecting approximately 42% of people in the United States alone, especially for those in the Northeast. Living in various seasons throughout the year means less sun during the winter months, which also means less vitamin D intake. Vitamin D helps with hair loss prevention as it creates new hair follicles, as well as promotes scalp health and helps to combat hair loss.

Since the sun is the most natural way to get vitamin D, regular sun exposure can help with not just hair loss prevention, but also a vitamin D deficiency. If you think you may have a vitamin D deficiency, we always recommend scheduling an appointment with your doctor.

While getting on a vitamin D supplement is a good idea, you should consult with your doctor first, as to determine the proper level for your body, since it can be different for everyone.

Keep in mind that overexposure to the sun can cause damaging effects to not just your hair, but your skin as well, so doctors recommend usually ten to thirty minutes a day for a good amount of sun.

Scalp Health & Hair Loss Prevention with Luxury Scalp Treatments

Before treating any type of female hair loss, the Medi Tresse team strongly believes that it’s important to have a healthy scalp first. One way to be able to achieve a healthy scalp is through a luxury scalp treatment at a location most convenient to you. 

Medi Tresse’s luxury scalp treatments have a special detoxifying solution that includes two special ingredients:

  • Aloe vera, which helps cleanse and detoxify with antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties;
  • and hyaluronic acid, which has been known to improve hydration of skin and proven to help wounds heal faster.

Excessive build-up on the scalp can cause clogged pores and follicles, which leads to dandruff and inflammation around the follicles. This could be caused by not washing our hair enough, excessive use of hair products (think: hair spray, etc.), or natural build-up over time.

The high-pressure cleanse exfoliation of the scalp removes all of the build-up, while a proprietary detox solution improves scalp health. 

These scalp detoxes are available at our Boston, Worcester, Westchester, New York City, and Chattanooga locations.

Stress Management can affect hair loss prevention.

Stress can have long-lasting effects on your well-being and body, one of which includes hair loss. Stress does not only affect your mental health, but can affect your physical health in the form of not eating well, not sleeping well or enough, and more. 

While there are multiple factors for stress, there are also multiple ways that can help stress management, such as time management, practicing meditation or relaxation, talking to a support network, and more. 

If you need additional help managing your stress, we recommend talking to a medical professional who can assist you in creating a stress management plan.

Re-Evaluate Your Hair Care Routine

Take a moment to think about all of the things you do to your hair. Do you use high heat when blow drying your hair? Do you use a lot of products like hair spray, gel, or mousse? And if so, have you read the ingredients in these products? 

A hair care routine is just as important as a skin care routine. When we take care of our face, we usually stop at the beginning of the hair line, but self-care does not just stop there. Re-evaluating your hair care routine can also help with hair loss prevention.

Be kind to your hair and consider the number of products you put in your hair each day. Turn the hair dryer to a low heat setting to prevent scalp burning and irritation, as well as repairing damaged hair.

Medi Tresse also offers a wide variety of healthy hair care products. Using good quality hair products will help keep the scalp and hair clean, moisturized, and healthy.

Be sure to book a consultation with our Medi Tresse experts if you believe you may be suffering from female hair loss.

Take Control Of Your Hair Loss

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