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We are living in uncertain times that have caused all of us to adapt in many ways and how we treat hair loss is no different.  At a time when our offices are closed and most of us are staying at home, we realized that we needed to give our patients new ways to treat […]

We are living in uncertain times that have caused all of us to adapt in many ways and how we treat hair loss is no different.  At a time when our offices are closed and most of us are staying at home, we realized that we needed to give our patients new ways to treat their hair loss in the comfort of their home.

For many patients our recommended treatment plan includes Optimal Platelet Concentration (OPC) Therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, however at this moment we are unable to provide in-office treatments.

However, over the past few months we had already been evaluating some new at home treatments, specifically micro-needle stamping with growth factor serums. While these treatments will not replace the effectiveness of  Optimal Platelet Concentration (OPC) Therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, they can be part of a great treatment plan that is the next best thing.

We are announcing today a new at home treatment protocol, Tresse RX, which is your prescription for the best at home hair loss treatments.

Unfortunately for many women, there is more than one factor causing their hair loss.  While the majority of women are experiencing androgenic alopecia, also known as Female Pattern Hair Loss, factors such as dietary deficiencies, gut health or scalp health are also contributing to the poor health of their hair.

What makes Tresse RX unique and effective is the multi-therapy approach that focuses on all these potential factors, giving you the best chance to regrow hair, decrease shedding, and overall rejuvenate your hair.

Let's take a closer look at the treatments that make up the Tresse RX protocol and how they can help treat your hair loss and improve your hair health.

  • Flex300 LaserCap - The backbone of the Tresse RX protocol is the prescription laser cap Flex300, which is FDA Cleared for the treatment of female hair loss.  The Flex300 LaserCap has been found to stimulate the hair follicle cells to grow in the scalp and increases cellular activity around the follicle. This decreases inflammation so existing hairs can grow thicker and stronger.
  • Formula 82M - A prescription topical that includes minoxidil, which is FDA Approved for the treatment of female hair loss.  Minoxidil has been found to increase blood flow around the follicles and increase the growth phase of the hairs, which results in more growth and thicker hairs.
  • Micro-Needle Stamp & Growth Factor 3X Serum from LockRX- Protein-rich, growth factor serum blended with Vitamin B and plant extracts to condition the scalp to allow optimal hair growth, with a micro channel delivery device for increased absorption into the scalp.
  • Bio Cleanse Scalp Prep Shampoo from LockRX - Sulfate-free cleanser that vitalizes and preps the scalp prior to application of growth factor serums and post-procedure.
  • DEFENSE Gut Health Powder from LockRX - Prebiotic supplement  that includes mineral-rich blue green algae and proven anti-inflammatory botanicals curcumin, aloe, licorice and beta-glucan to address gut health in powdered form.
  • BLOCK Hair Loss Supplement from LockRX - Follicle-enrichment supplement formulated with the LOCKrx proprietary blend of botanicals, adaptogens, marine collagen, and saw palmetto to help support hair growth and block conversion of testosterone to DHT, one of the major causes of hair loss in female pattern hair loss.
  • GUARD Healthy Hair Supplement from LockRX - Premier blend of complex Vitamin B plus biotin in the most bio-available form.

Below we have shared some FAQs about the new protocol.  If you have any other questions or would like more information, please call our office today.

Tresse RX FAQs

If I have OPC Therapy or PRP Therapy treatment currently on hold due to the office being closed should I consider the Tresse RX?

Yes! You should absolutely consider the Tresse RX.  It is important to talk to your practitioner first to make sure you are a candidate for all of these treatments.  Also, just remember this protocol is not to replace OPC Therapy or PRP Therapy. This is something we would recommend doing while your treatment is on hold.  The best part is that once you are able to start your OPC Therapy or PRP Therapy you can and should continue doing the Tresse RX protocol as it will be beneficial to your results.

If I start doing the Tresse RX treatment protocol now would you still recommend OPC Therapy or PRP Therapy for me once your office opens?

Yes.  Again this is not replacing our in-office treatments.  However, it is important to talk to your practitioner to determine what treatments you are a candidate for and what they would recommend.

I am already utilizing some of these treatments in Tresse RX.  Can I still get some of the additional treatments?

Of course!  This protocol was created to show what the best at home protocol would be.  If you are already using some of these treatments, we can help get you started on the others.

I am already using supplements that I like, can I keep using those and do the Tresse RX protocol?

The medical staff would want to review what supplements you are on so that we don't unnecessarily double up.  If you are on comparable supplements and they are working for you, we would not need to change those.  However, we could still get you on the other treatments, including the DEFENSE gut health powder, which can be added to almost any supplement routine.

I am not sure I want to do the entire Tresse RX protocol, but I am interested in some of these treatments individually.  Can I still purchase them individually?

Of course! While in most cases we would highly recommend utilizing a complete protocol like the Tresse RX, we know it is not right for everyone and we will work with each patient to find the best treatment for them based on their individual need.

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