Meet the Patient: Ally H., Age 38

We know that many of our female readers would like to hear, firsthand, from a woman who may have had the same struggles with hair loss and found treatments that worked for her. We chatted with one of our patients, Ally Hastie (as seen in the Medi Tresse before & after gallery), about her experience […]

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We know that many of our female readers would like to hear, firsthand, from a woman who may have had the same struggles with hair loss and found treatments that worked for her. We chatted with one of our patients, Ally Hastie (as seen in the Medi Tresse before & after gallery), about her experience with hair loss over the years, as well as her recent treatments.

At what age did you first start noticing hair thinning or loss?

I started noticing that I didn’t have a lot of hair when I was around 19 years old. But it wasn’t until three or four years ago that it got progressively worse and I decided that I wanted to do something to change it.

How did your hair loss make you feel?

I felt horrible, sad and embarrassed. My hair is very important to me. I feel much more beautiful and comfortable with myself when I have thick hair and when it looks good, in general. When I first started to notice that it was thinning, I felt awful.

Did anyone else (like family or friends) ever notice and say anything to you?

Not many people said something to me because I always tried to hide my problem with extensions and wore hats. But about a year ago it was almost impossible to hide - you could easily see my extensions through my thinning hair. That’s when I thought people were noticing and decided I needed to do something.

Did you know what the cause of your hair loss may have been?

I’m not sure the cause, but my father was bald. I don’t know if it was maybe hereditary, hair loss could run in my family. I had also used bleach on my hair previously and sometimes people say that makes you lose your hair. I’m still not sure of the exact reason.

*Commentary from Dr. Wendel: Hair loss in women can be genetic, coming from either side of the family, so the fact that Ally’s father was bald, is one sign of this. Heavy bleaching can also have a negative effect on one’s hair strands and roots, causing some major hair thinning and damage.

When you were losing your hair, did you talk to your friends and family?

No, because it was embarrassing for me to talk about it. It was really sad. When I started the treatment nobody knew. Now that I’ve gotten my treatments, I’ve told some people because they noticed a change and complimented me saying my hair looked much better. I think that they didn’t say anything before because they didn’t want to make me feel bad. I didn’t want to talk to anyone about it because it was embarrassing and I wasn’t sure if the treatment was going to work.

How was your first PRP experience? Were you nervous at all? How did it feel?

No, I was not nervous. I was very excited and wanted to believe in the treatment. I kept a positive attitude and kept positive thoughts, hoping it would work and the excitement gave me so much energy.

Did you hear about the PRP treatment before the doctor?

Yes, because I was doing some online research and came across some articles about PRP treatments and read as much as I could about it. One day, when I was very upset about it, my husband actually brought up some of the possible treatment options and encouraged me to see a physician.

When did you start seeing a difference?

Pretty quickly - within about two to three months.

Were you happy with the results?

Of course! I started to notice more hair filling in and thicker hair, overall. I would look in the mirror and feel good. My hair was the first thing I noticed when I looked in the mirror, in a good way. After the treatment I slowly kept noticing more improvements and every time I felt better and better.

Did you tell your family and friends you were getting the treatment?

Yes, and now I have many friends that want to do it! I remember, about three months after my treatment, when I told one of my friends with the same problem about PRP. She said she wanted to see how it worked on me first before she tried it herself. Once she saw my results, she was sad she didn’t try it sooner!

Were you prescribed anything else besides PRP?

Yes, I started using a LaserCap®, a low level laser therapy product, every other day after the treatment.

How do you feel now?

I feel much better and I can’t wait until my next appointment. It’s such an improvement. I’m excited for my next treatment!

Would you recommend PRP to some of your friends?

Yes, I already have! I have one friend (the one I already mentioned) who is going to Medi Tresse for her first appointment and I’m going to tag along. I was the one who inspired her to go!

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