1. Seasons Change, So Does Your Hair!

    Other then Fall fashion trends inspiring us to change our hair color to Golden Chestnut Brown, or perhaps add some Auburn highlights, are there actual physiological changes that influence our hair as well? With a lovely new Season upon us, a lot of our patients have been wondering if and how the Seasons can affect their hair. Because we treat women experiencing hair loss/thinning, patients often t…Read More

  2. Platelet Rich Plasma in the Spotlight!

    While we have known the benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy for quite some time, stories about the great benefits of PRP have been popping up all over the media lately, letting people know about this amazing treatment for hair loss! Check out this latest report highlighting PRP on Good Morning America. PRP has come to the forefront as a leading treatment for hair loss, and we certainly…Read More

  3. To Extend or Not To Extend…

    Because we specifically treat women experiencing hair thinning or loss, we often get asked the question; “what are your thoughts on hair extensions??” Having professionally seen the potentially damaging effects of hair extensions, we can’t help but consider the poor little hair and worry about its follicular wellbeing. Although we’re not about to go on an anti-extension rampage, in most ca…Read More

  4. Hair Loss Treatments: Then and Now

    Did you know that treatments for hair loss date as far back as to Ancient Egypt?  It was a popular practice for Egyptians to use a concoction of herbs and other not-so-pleasant ingredients as a potent salve, which was applied to the head with hopes of regrowing hair. Flashing forward a bit in history, folks during the 17th Century were also eager to find a solution.  These guys became known for …Read More

  5. Prevention Is Key To Treating Hair Loss

    “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – Benjamin Franklin Although Benjamin Franklin wasn’t necessarily the poster-child for warding off women's hair loss, his ideology on prevention has essentially served to be the basis of new advances in modern medicine! Over the years, we have become a more savvy society when it comes to prevention.  We learned that changing our diets and …Read More

  6. Ask Dr. Wendel: How Will You Track My Hair Growth?

    Today we are continuing our "Ask Dr. Wendel" series, with a question we often get during consultations, “how will you track my hair growth after treatments?”  Tracking hair regrowth is one of the most important aspects of any treatment for hair loss. Regardless of treatment plan, we recommend all patients to come in for both a 6 month and 12 month follow-up appointment so that we can continua…Read More

  7. Heads Up! These Lifestyle Improvements Are Essential for Maintaining a Healthy Head of Hair

    So far, in our “Heads Up! Women’s hair rejuvenation solutions for thinning hair” series, we have covered a lot of different nonsurgical treatment options and recommendations for addressing hair thinning and loss, including Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), Low Level Laser Therapy, certain topical products and vitamin supplements. In this post, Part 5, I am going to explain how getting you…Read More

  8. Ask Dr. Wendel: Do I Suffer from Alopecia Areata or Scarring Alopecia?

    During my 10+ years of experience in treating women with hair loss conditions, I have met with many patients who specifically ask me about the hair loss disease known as Alopecia. Today’s “Ask Dr. Wendel” blog post will give an overview of the two most common diseases that can cause thinning and loss. Here are some of the major differences between Scarring Alopecia and Alopecia Areata: Scarr…Read More

  9. Easy Tips to Conceal Thinning Hair

    You may not realize this, but the hairdresser you see regularly will likely be the first person to notice changes to the volume, thickness or texture of your hair. It’s a great idea to ask your stylist for his or her honest opinion about how your hair is looking these days, especially if you’re concerned about hair loss right now. We consulted with Nick Penna, owner and lead stylist of SalonCa…Read More

  10. Ask Dr. Wendel: What are the craziest hair loss myths you’ve heard?

    During my many years as a women’s hair loss specialist, I have been on the receiving end of all sorts of wild misconceptions about hair thinning and hair loss. There are so many old wives tails and so much on the internet that is flat-out wrong! Which is why this Ask Dr. Wendel post will offer up the truth behind some of the craziest hair loss myths that I’ve heard. One myth about hair loss is…Read More