1. Part 3 of Heads Up! How Topical Products Can Improve Thinning Hair

    In the first two of our new series, “Heads Up! Women’s hair rejuvenation solutions for thinning hair,” we shared info about two non-surgical treatment options: Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Low Level Laser Therapy. For Part 3, I am going to dive a bit more into a third treatment option, topical products, which we offer at Medi Tresse and may prescribe to patients, depending on their lev…Read More

  2. Ask Dr. Wendel: How Does Pregnancy Affect a Women’s Hair?

    During my interactions with female patients, I tend to get asked many of the same questions – really great questions that I think are worth addressing on this blog. Today’s post will be the first in a new series we’re calling “Ask Dr. Wendel,” and I’ll answer the question, “How does pregnancy affect a woman’s hair?” With pregnancy, everything changes, and you can expect to see ch…Read More

  3. The LaserCap® hair loss treatment we offer

    Heads Up! What is Low Level Laser Therapy?

    We began our “Heads Up! Women’s hair rejuvenation solutions for thinning hair” series about Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy.  For Part 2, I’m going to share info about Low Level Laser Therapy.   The April 2015 print issue of Allure magazine featured a Q&A about age and its effect on hair with Nicole Rogers, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane University School of Medi…Read More

  4. Tips for Preventing Thinning Hair or Hair Loss

    It’s not uncommon to worry about your hair becoming thin or even falling out at some point. There are plenty of myths when it comes to causes of female hair loss, which we’ll touch upon in a future post, but for now, here are 10 tips to prevent thinning hair or to manage any hair thinning that you may currently be experiencing: 1. Maintain a Healthy Diet The first step you should take in preve…Read More

  5. The Most Common Type of Hair Loss among Women

    It may surprise you to learn that hair loss in women is not uncommon. In fact, we’d be willing to bet that you can name a female relative, co-worker or friend who has visible hair loss. The subject of hair loss has long been viewed as a taboo topic – most women are embarrassed to admit that they are experiencing hair loss and they find themselves silently suffering at home, attempting to resea…Read More

  6. Heads Up! Women’s Hair Rejuvenation Solutions for Thinning Hair

    If you or a loved one is suffering from female hair loss, there are treatment solutions that have proven successful.  Medi Tresse offers a variety of options — in fact, we offer everything but surgery - including some of the newest, most advanced medical treatments available to patients right now.  Each non-surgical solution, ranging from supplements to topical solutions to Platelet Rich Plas…Read More

  7. Why Am I Losing My Hair?

    Everybody cries. In my first post introducing you to Medi Tresse, a hair rejuvenation practice for women only in Wellesley, Massachusetts, I shared my reasons for starting a women-only practice. For a woman, losing her “crowning glory,” a key component of her appearance, her style, and her sexuality, hair loss shakes her to her core. In our first consultation, we ask the woman to tell us ab…Read More

  8. Welcome to Medi Tresse: Hair Rejuvenation for Women Only

    I would like to warmly welcome you to Medi Tresse, a new medical practice in Wellesley, Massachusetts, that I started in the spring of 2015 to help women of any age, experiencing hair loss of any kind, to find effective non-surgical solutions to restore their appearance and help reclaim their confidence. Why for women only? As the leader of the clinical practice at DiStefano Hair Restoration Cente…Read More