1. Medi Tresse Partners with CareCredit

    We are pleased to announce that we have recently partnered with CareCredit in order to offer additional payment flexibility for our patients.  For over 30 years CareCredit has been offering financing options for treatments not covered by insurance.  Through CareCredit, we are able to offer financing terms up to 60 months. With special financing options*, you can use your CareCredit card again an…Read More

  2. Updated Office Protocols For Re-opening

    We are certainly looking forward to seeing all of you in our office as it becomes safe to do so.  While the pause we took from in-office appointments was important, we know for many of you it was difficult to put off treatments or in-person evaluations.  We thank all of you for your flexibility and understanding these past couple of months as we rescheduled appointments (sometimes many times!) a…Read More

  3. Think About Your Hair Health Before Self Styling

    Even with everything that is currently going on, a few weeks ago I managed to get fixated on the color of my roots.  I even went as far as buying a coloring kit, which has been sitting on my bathroom counter for weeks now.  Without our ability to make trips to our hair stylists, I am sure I am not the only one who has made this purchase and I am sure some of you have taken the next step and self…Read More

  4. Introducing LOCKrx

    We are excited to now offer our patients the LOCKrx product line.  We are constantly evaluating and reviewing the latest developments on the treatment of female hair loss and based on some of the latest research we felt like we had some holes in our treatment offerings.  Specifically, when it came to gut health and at home micro-needling. We have always believed that supplements and vitamins nee…Read More

  5. Introducing Tresse RX

    We are living in uncertain times that have caused all of us to adapt in many ways and how we treat hair loss is no different.  At a time when our offices are closed and most of us are staying at home, we realized that we needed to give our patients new ways to treat their hair loss in the comfort of their home. For many patients our recommended treatment plan includes Optimal Platelet Concentrati…Read More

  6. Is a Video Appointment Worth It?

    Over the past few weeks we have had to change our approach to patient interactions as we try to meet the needs of our patients while also promoting social distancing.  With our offices currently closed for in-office appointments, we have begun offering online video appointments for consultation and follow-up appointments.  So far we have a had a lot of patients take advantage of online video app…Read More

  7. Our NP Diana Talks About Her Current Struggle with Shedding

    I have been treating women experiencing hair loss for the last 3 1/2 years at Medi Tresse and during that time I have seen quite a few patients at the office and received a number of phone calls and emails from patients panicking over excessive shedding.  Clumps of hair in the shower, hair all over the bathroom floor, kitchen floor, in the laundry, all over their clothes etc. Some of these patien…Read More

  8. All Medi Tresse Offices Temporarily Closed

    Based on prioritizing the health and safety of our patients, staff, and communities, all Medi Tresse locations will be temporarily closing.  Our Scarsdale, NY office closed on Saturday March 21st and our two Massachusetts offices (Wellesley and Worcester) will be closing today (3/24/20) at noon.  We will be cancelling all existing in-office appointments through April 7th, 2020. For those affecte…Read More

  9. Stress And Your Hair

    Wow.  What a difference a month makes.  In the beginning of March, I was peacefully looking forward to the changes we see every Spring, with the longer days, higher temperatures, and the return of color in the flowers and trees.  All those changes will still happen, but I fear we are not going to be able to appreciate them as we have in the past, with all the worry and stress of Coronovirus.  …Read More

  10. Ketoconazole Shampoo

    We receive a lot of questions from patients about shampoos and there is one in particular that comes up often, ketoconazole shampoo.  It is important to understand that most shampoos are not going to significantly regrow hair, regardless of what they advertise.  Many of these products will have ingredients that are known to help with hair loss, like DHT blockers or proteins, but it is not known …Read More