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Which Vitamin Deficiency Causes Hair Loss?

Can vitamin deficiency and female hair loss be related to one another? Read our blog post from our experts to find out.

Diet can impact not just our overall physical health, but our hair health as well. If you've been noticing thinning hair, you may be wondering if vitamin deficiency and female hair loss could be connected. The answer is yes. A lack of essential vitamins can all contribute to hair thinning and hair loss in women. This includes vitamins such as vitamin D, biotin, zinc, and iron.

So if you’re a woman who’s been struggling with hair loss, especially when experiencing other symptoms of vitamin deficiencies on top of that, seeking professional guidance from a hair specialist is critical. They can connect you with a hair loss prevention plan that includes hair loss vitamins and supplements.

Let’s explore the link between vitamin deficiency and hair loss in women, as well as what are the best vitamins for hair loss.

Research shows that micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) may play an important role in normal hair follicle development as well as immune cell function, says the NIH. This can be a risk factor associated with the development, prevention, and treatment of hair loss conditions in women.

Regularly taking the right vitamins and supplements will better equip your body to sustain strong hair health and growth. Many of the nutrients and vitamins we need that are important for hair development are also required for other parts of your body. When you are deficient in those vitamins and nutrients, your body will allocate them to your vital organs. Unfortunately, your hair pays the price.

This is why we recommend almost all of our patients include a supportive hair loss supplement in their daily routine.

When searching for hair regrowth supplements and vitamins, focus on ones that contain Biotin, copper, zinc, iron, and vitamins A, C, and E.

Hair loss in women is so complex. We recommend women consider a hair loss supplement that does not just address nutrition deficiencies, but other factors as well that can cause or aggravate hair loss. These things can include anything from stress and inflammation to genetics and hormone imbalances.

Unfortunately, the average American’s diet doesn’t support healthy hair. Many of the fad diets that make the news simply don’t provide enough nutrients and vitamins. This isn’t helped by the fact that over-processed foods are pro-inflammatory and result in poor gut health. More research is starting to suggest that gut health does play a key role in overall physical health. This includes our hair, although more studies need to be done.

Finding the right hair supplement

We understand finding the right hair supplement can seem challenging. We've done the research and recommend you use three products in conjunction with one another. Forming the foundation of a healthy hair treatment plan includes incorporating Tresse Prebiotic, Tresse Revitalizer, and Tresse Fortifier.

Ingredients in our products that have been shown to improve hair health include folic acid, magnesium, niacin, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin E and spirulina.

We recently conducted a pilot study in our Boston office on the Medi Tresse Healthy Body Bundle supplement plan. This consisted of the Prebiotic every other day, the Fortifier every day, and the Revitalizer every day. The changes we observed in this study in 120 days were impressive. The preliminary results revealed the importance of vitamins and nutrients. This included those focused particularly on the gut, for optimal hair health.

We have found that the ingredients in Tresse Prebiotic are known to be anti-inflammatory and to help with absorption. That’s why we think anyone with hair loss concerns should be on an established hair loss supplement regimen, particularly one that focuses on gut health. That’s where the Healthy Body Bundle regimen comes in.

Book a supplement consultation With Medi Tresse today

We welcome you to explore our all-natural hair loss vitamins to see what we offer in terms of vitamins and supplements that contain the strongest and most effective ingredient combinations for the promotion of regrowth and overall healthier hair. Next, it’s time to schedule your appointment online at one of our many convenient locations to learn how supplements, particularly the Healthy Body Bundle, should be a vital part of your hair loss solutions.

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