Your first appointment at Medi Tresse is actually a medical consultation. You will meet with a medical professional who is completely knowledgeable about the causes of female hair loss and all the scientifically proven treatments available. It is important to bring any other information about your hair loss that would be helpful to us. That would include copies of any blood work, biopsies or other evaluations you may have had. Please bring a list of all of your medications, including supplements.

A thorough hair loss history will be taken, as well as a complete medical history. You will have a thorough evaluation of your scalp and hair, after which a unique treatment plan will be recommended for you. If you use any powder or creams to cover your scalp, please do not apply them on the day of your appointment, if possible.

If you decide you would like to proceed with treatment we will need to take a photograph of your scalp to monitor treatment results. (Your photo will never be shared with others without your written permission.)

No procedure will be done on the day of your consultation. Further appointments will be made as needed.

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