At Medi Tresse we are excited to introduce, Tresse Rejuvenation Therapy™, which I believe is the strongest treatment protocol available for female hair loss. Tresse Rejuvenation Therapy™ combines the power of Optimal Platelet Concentration™ Therapy, Low Level Laser Therapy, hair regrowth supplements, and FDA approved topicals. This unique treatment offering rejuvenates the hair follicles in four distinct ways, which all work together to stop your hair loss, thicken your existing hairs, and activate dormant follicles to regrow.

Tresse Rejuvenation Therapy™ is more than just a treatment. It is a protocol that when followed, gives you the best chance to rejuvenate your hair and prevent further loss. Since opening in 2015, we have met with over 1800 women experiencing all types of hair loss. Based on the results we have seen from various treatment plans, our expert staff developed this innovative treatment protocol.  We strongly believe in utilizing a multifaceted approach to treating female hair loss, and Tresse Rejuvenation Therapy™ incorporates four clinically proven treatments that work together to rejuvenate your hair.

The foundation of Tresse Rejuvenation Therapy™ is Optimal Platelet Concentration™ Therapy, the most advanced treatment available for female hair loss. Over the past 12 months, the staff at Medi Tresse vigorously tested many of the top PRP systems to determine platelet counts in the PRP solutions. With Optimal Platelet Concentration™ Therapy, we are not only using the top system for platelet cell recovery, but we are testing the patient’s platelet count on the day of treatment, which allows us to customize the final PRP concentration for optimal levels for hair restoration.

We believe our new protocol, Tresse Rejuvenation Therapy™, offers our patients the best treatment for most types of hair loss. The first step in treatment is always having a complimentary consultation with our expert staff to determine if Tresse Rejuvenation Therapy™ with Optimal Platelet Concentration™ Therapy is right for you.

Posted by Dr. Wendel