You may not realize this, but the hairdresser you see regularly will likely be the first person to notice changes to the volume, thickness or texture of your hair. It’s a great idea to ask your stylist for his or her honest opinion about how your hair is looking these days, especially if you’re concerned about hair loss right now. We consulted with Nick Penna, owner and lead stylist of SalonCapri, an award-winning hair salon that’s been in business for almost 50 years with three locations in Massachusetts, for his expert advice on the best ways to style hair if it’s on the thin side. If you know the right tips and tricks for styling thin hair, you can make your hair can appear fuller and certainly a little less flat.

1.   Nick Penna suggests flipping your hair the “wrong” way over your part. Not only will this cover the thinning area (since women lose density on top of their heads), but it also forces hair to sit in the opposite direction than it normally grows, which adds some lift. Other ways to get this effect are:

•   Wear a top knot to bed –instead of tying your hair up into a ponytail with an elastic band, bend your head over, twist your hair in one direction and coil it into a bun on the top of your head. Secure it with a barrel claw clip and sleep with it like this overnight. Once you remove the clip, your hair will have a little extra body – way more than it would if you pulled it back into a tight ponytail (and it’ll be dent free!).

•   Blow drying upside down – sometimes it’s as simple as redirecting the root upright, rather than flat against your head as you dry.

2.   Hair coloring can help hair appear thicker because it actually expands the cuticle layer and widens the strand. A multi-faceted shade with highlights and lowlights help to imitate fullness. Ask your salon stylist what colors would work best for you.

3.   Use dry shampoo on the days you skip washing your hair –it adds body to roots, making hair feel fuller.

4.   If you’re up for a big change, lose the length and add in some layers. Layering gets rid of extra weight, and hair makeovers are a tried and true ways to achieve a fresh, positive perspective! A cut and/or layers lighten the weight of the hair and make it less likely to flatten out and look lifeless.

These are just a handful of tips from Nick to take into consideration. Nick and his team of stylists have a ton more ways of finding the right cut and/or color to improve the look and feel of your thinning hair. Regular professional salon visits are recommended, especially while you are in the process of using Medi Tresse’s hair loss treatments such as PRP and/or laser therapy at home.

Posted by Your Medi Tresse Team – Your women’s hair loss specialists.