Summer, Sun, Hats, and Hair!

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Now that it’s Summer, we can look forward to enjoying the sun! Unfortunately, these much welcomed warming rays cause many patients of ours to worry about their scalps and sunburns, as well as the potential damaging effects it may have on their hair.

We want to address these concerns so that you can enjoy that fresh warm air worry-free! Sunburns are nasty no matter where you get it! Your scalp is no different from any other skin on your body and can certainly be a victim of the singeing sun. A sun burn won’t cause or worsen hair loss, but it can damage the skin around a hair follicle. Repetitive damage can lead to significant problems for your skin, so hair and follicles could be at risk as well!

If you have thinning hair, it is very important to use sunscreen on your scalp to prevent burns. Now-a-days there are specifically designed SPF sprays for your hair and scalp. Make it a habit to apply sunscreen to your head just as you would your face and back!

If you forget the SPF or get caught up in all the summertime fun and forget to re-apply, wearing a hat is another excellent way to not only rock a cute Summer style, but to protect your scalp as well! However, this often brings up another concern; that wearing hats will cause hair loss.  This is simply not true! No matter what you’ve been told or read about, wearing a hat on sunny days will not snuff out follicles and cause hair to thin or fall out…so grab that wide-brimmed bonnet and get to the beach!

Posted by Your Medi Tresse Team