If you read last month’s newsletter you are familiar with the importance of protein for hair both taken by mouth and topically applied directly to the hair. This month we are going to take the topical application of protein a step further and talk about “Hair Botox.”

Yes, you heard right! I did say “Hair Botox,” but I am not referring to actual Botox, the kind that is injected with a needle. You may have seen this term on the internet, and since the word Botox is pretty much a household name at this point, it is being used to get your attention. “Hair Botox” is a type of topical hair treatment that causes the same plumping and smoothing results that many of us know and love for smoothing out wrinkles! It is a protein rich deep conditioning treatment that also contains vitamins, antioxidants, natural acids and collagen. Some of the ingredients you might see listed include: caviar oil, BONT-L peptide, Vitamin B-5, Vitamin E, Collagen Complex, Intracyaline.

The benefits of “Hair Botox” include smoothing frizz, making hair feel softer and appear fuller, repairing split ends, restoring shine, enhancing scalp health, and protecting the hair from future damage.  “Hair Botox” can be done at home or in a salon and typically ranges between $75-$200. First a clarifying shampoo is used to cleanse the hair and remove residue. The treatment is then applied and is left on for an average of 45 minutes, but can actually be left on until the next shampoo. Hair is then blown dry and flat ironed to help seal the treatment into the hair. Results are seen immediately after treatment and last 2-4 months.

Many of you who are familiar with Keratin treatments may be thinking that “Hair Botox” sounds the same as a Keratin treatment. The mechanism of action and results are very similar, but there are a few major differences. “Hair Botox” does not contain formaldehyde which many Keratin treatments do. Formaldehyde is bad as it is a classified as a carcinogen. Keratin treatments typically last 4-6 months, where as hair Botox lasts only 2-4 months so “Hair Botox” is less expensive.

Here at Medi Tresse we know that there are many causes of hair loss. Most of us are abusing our hair on a daily basis by shampooing to often, over styling our hair, using products that are not hair safe, and overexposing our hair to sun, salt and chlorine.  At the same time, many of us are not consuming adequate protein, vitamins and minerals. “Hair Botox” treatments are a way to help make your hair healthier. Some brands to consider are Innovatis, Tahe, Prisamx, Primont.

Just remember, we do not want to confuse “Hair Botox” with clinically proven hair loss treatments like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT).  If you think you are experiencing hair loss it is important to meet with a hair loss specialist that can determine the cause of your hair loss and develop an appropriate treatment plan for you.

Posted by Diana Gallerani, NP