As part of National Hair Loss Awareness Month, we asked one of our current patients to share their hair loss experience.  Below was written by one of our current patients Melissa, who has been a patient at Medi Tresse since December 2017.

The truth is, it is a difficult fact to face when you realize you are a young woman losing her hair.  You feel alone and feel like all eyes are on you and your hairline, everyone must notice!  I knew that there were potential treatments out there, but I wasn’t sure of their efficacy and I was also worried what the potential cost could be.  I knew that I wanted to do something, but I didn’t know where to start.

I really started to notice my hair thinning following the birth of my second child in 2016.  As the thinning progressed, I became more and more self-conscious – specifically when I noticed it progressing in very visible areas.  My job calls for me to interact with people on a daily basis, and I have always been a very confident person.  As I became more self-conscious about my hair, I could feel some of that confidence slipping away.  My mother suffers from thinning hair so I knew that I was genetically predisposed to it, so my fear of it continuing to progress began to grow.  She went the hair transplant route, where they took follicles from the back of her scalp and replanted them in areas of need, but it wasn’t very successful for her.   While I knew that I didn’t want to go with the same procedure as my mother, I did know that I wanted to do something.   Luckily, my mother had been receiving the Medi Tresse newsletter and forwarded it along to me.   After doing a bit of research I decided to go in for an initial consult.

My first visit to their Wellesley office put me right at ease, as the staff were very welcoming and I was not overwhelmed by an office full of people.   It was a calm, inviting environment that made me feel comfortable and not at all scared.  During the consultation with Rosie she confirmed that I too was suffering from genetic hair loss, which was alarming but also made me realize I made the right decision to attack it early.   She went through the many options that Medi Tresse had to offer, but in no way was pushing anything on me or simply trying to get me to buy their products.  After the consult with Rosie we decided to move forward with a minoxidil-based topical solution.  In addition to this topical solution, I decided to move forward with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy as well.   I underwent three initial PRP treatments, one in February, another in March and a third in April of 2018.  I will also be going through individual annual booster treatments moving forward, which I have done in 2019 and 2020.

When I met with Rosie for my second PRP treatment, she was already starting to see improvement in my hair and was able to demonstrate to me areas that had gotten markedly better.   This immediately instilled confidence in me that I had made the right decision and I was excited for my future treatments to see even further improvement.  Since then I continue to show progress and continued hair growth.   I still use my topical solution daily and will continue my annual PRP treatments.   In pictures I notice that my hair is much fuller and thicker than it was prior to my treatments with Medi Tresse and my confidence is back.   I have even had friends and family compliment me on my hair!

Losing your hair is difficult and scary, but the process of treating your hair loss does not have to be.  I would definitely recommend any women who feel self-conscious about their hair loss to visit them.

Posted by Your Medi Tresse Team